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The MLS Direct Network of Idaho is a provider of merchant services such as credit card processing, check processing programs, gift card programs, loyalty card programs and check recovery services.

As part of a national network the MLS Direct Network of Idaho and is in association with one of the largest credit card processors in the country and can offer service unparalleled in the merchant service industry. We can provide credit card processing service for all business types. Whether your a retail store front, an at home business, internet based business, mobile business, restaurant, or lodging establishment the MLS Direct Network of Idaho can provide a credit card processing solution to fit your needs. We can set your business up to accept all major card types both credit and debit. Included in these are:


The MLS Direct Network of Idaho can provide credit card processing terminals from all major supplies such as Hypercom, VeriFone, Thales, and Nurit. Credit card processing service can be provided utilizing dial up, your high speed conection , via software on your computer or via an internet application.

In addition to credit card processing service, MLS Direct Network of Idaho can also provide check services at point-of-sale which can save time and expense of the manual check deposit methods. Programs are available that provide conversion with guarantee or conversion with verification. Equipment to provide check service progams are available from manufacturers like Magtek, RDM, and VeriFone. Check services are available for check through the mail and check over the phone also. If a check processing solution is right for you we offer it.

MLS Direct Network of Idaho also provides one of the hottest trends in the merchant service industry - GIFT CARDS. We provide gift card programs that include custom designed cards or choose from a pre-designed template. Promote and market your business with a wallet billboard, a gift card. We offer compatible gift card solutions with most credit card processing terminals and also over high-speed internet connections utilizing software. Gift cards also offer the additional component of loyalty programs. You can track and reward you most loyal customers.

If you currently accept credit cards we would love to provide you a
of your current provider and show you how we can save you money on your credit card pocessing expense. If your a new business we offer highly competitive pricing on new credit card terminals, procesing rates and will spend the time to educate the merchant on what the credit card processing terminolgy means and why you need to know it to make an informed decision for your business.

At the MLS Direct Network of Idaho honesty and integrity are an internal way of business not a situational or pay driven convenience. We look forward to discussing how our services can benefit your business. Click on the contact us button and send us an email or call us at 208-938-5303.

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